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Moodle Instructions

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After we left our last class, I thought I might check out Moodle.  The document linked below is a detailed instruction manual for teachers that includes screen shots.  Helpful for those who like instructions instead of just exploring on their own.



An Instructor’s Guide to Developing an Online Course

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Michigan State University Virtual University Design and Technology  at

 I love this!  All in one site to help a teacher decide how to design an online learning community.

This website appears to have been developed as a support tool for the faculty of Michigan State.  There are tabs along the left hand side that give rationales in all the areas we are discussing such as: blended or online; synchronous vs. asychronous; assessment tools; privacy; submission guidelines, etc. It is well organized with major topics and sub-topics included.  I will definitely use this site again!!  (And not just to fulfill an assignment–wink, wink!)

A Podcast of an intoduction to McRel’s Online Learning Communities

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This podcast (approximately 45 minutes) posted by Instructional Technology Services of the Fresno County Office of Education contains information about implementing online learning communities both for professional development and student use.  It is an introduction; while it is not a “how to” per se, it talks about the dos and don’ts when creating online communities.

McRel has connected their online learning communities with the book, Classroom Instruction that Works.

This podcast talks about good and bad ways to conduct professional development as well as how to “chunk” information so that people do not feel so overwhelmed.